Mont Saint Michel Part Deux

Okay here we go. Apart from the main church, I don't remember what all the rooms are. Most of the tour involved just wandering around and listening to recordings at each room. So for the most part, we were on our own to go where we wanted at our own pace. The group of students stuck together, so I just went through the abbey by myself, obviously taking pictures of everything.

Love those arches

Michael slaying the dragon

Hey there's the top again

I wish I had more pictures of the rest of the town, but walking down those steep hills/cobblestones was difficult enough in the rain, I was just focused on not falling or getting an eye poked out by an umbrella.

Mont Saint Michel is one of the most-visited sites in France, after Paris of course, so there were people everywhere, but it wasn't horribly overwhelming. After leaving the abbey, I walked down the main road and stopped in a couple shops to get out of the rain and buy some postcards, then made my way back to the bus.

This day is right up there with my days in Paris. And I just found out that one of the Tour de France stages is ending at Mont St. Michel this summer - I'm curious to see how that goes...


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