Crouching Woman [in progress]

I've drawn Crouching Woman before (here), but this time I wanted to try it a little closer to the colors in my photo from the Rodin museum. I tried to document each step as I went. Looking at a photo of a drawing helps me see it as a whole since I spend enough time staring at it with pastels in my hand...it's hard to really see it after a while.

Rough sketch

My paper is white, I swear

I suppose this is similar to under painting--this way there isn't white paper showing through anywhere

Highlights and shadows

I started getting a little left-brained--I had to step back and take a break.

 And finally...

I still think the black and white is my favorite version, but I'm happy with how this one turned out. I liked using the teals and browns, although I was way less patient with the face/hands/feet this time. Mais, c'est la vie. It doesn't have to hang in a museum, and I enjoyed the process, so I'm content.

Maybe one of these days I'll expand my subject matter to something other than pictures from the Rodin museum...

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