Tuesday reading

Happy Tuesday! Some of these articles might be a little intense (all are still excellent) so I recommend the last two to end on a positive note.


 A Word About Transitions from Leeana Tankersley (GypsyInk)
  • Do your best to be kind to yourself
  • Let God into the chaos
  • Let people love you
God-Shaped Hole by Addie Zierman (via Sarah Bessey)
We are, all of us, punched through with holes, living with a little bit more emptiness every  year. And it’s possible to be filled with the Spirit and still feel the void...God is not some perfectly shaped stopper, meant to keep a sinking ship afloat. He is something else entirely – a life boat, a raft. The Rock that we cling to when the whole thing is going to hell.

Good advice about fear (via Smart, Pretty, and Awkward)

Things I wish I could go back and say to my college self. Accurate. (Hello Giggles)

Let's Roar (Paleo for Women)


63 reasons why boy bands were better in the 90's (Buzzfeed)

Catch (You Tube via Hello Giggles)

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