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A brilliant idea (thxthxthx)

Reconstructing the Bridge Metaphor (A Deeper Story): 

"Look, this is hard. You're all tangled up in the darkness. But you're not failing. You are still held, you are still loved. You are suspended over the void. You are in the hard, beautiful middle of faith. You are exactly where you are supposed to be."

Life in the wilderness (Adam S McHugh via Sarah Bessey):  

"The life of faith in this world seems to get expressed mostly in the wilderness. Perhaps this broken, visited, and waiting world is the wilderness."

A courageous perspective. (Nate Pyle via Rachel Held Evans)

A surprisingly interesting history of cereal and how advertising has made us believe it is "healthy" (via Nom Nom Paleo)

My mom is pretty talented (Cindy Greene Paints)

An Introverted Angel by Anne Bogel (Adam S. McHugh)

Speaking of introverts, this book looks interesting...

Okay one more: How to Care for Introverts. (I'm an introvert, can you tell?)

Pinterest, via Lou, Boos and shoes

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