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I've been eating Paleo (aka the Caveman Diet) since I got back from France last July. Talk about a diet change...France is all about the bread and cheese. There is so much information about Paleo out there, everyone has a story about how it worked (or didn't work) for them, but the bottom line for me is this: I feel better. I've read a lot of information about the diet itself and the health benefits that come from eating this way, but I realize it might not work the same for others. My blood-sugar issues have disappeared completely, my hormones have mellowed a bit, and I find that I stay fuller longer when I eat this way. I've also incorporated more strength-training into my workouts and have eased up on the cardio, so I feel stronger and better overall.

It's easy to toot my Paleo horn but I have to remind myself that it may not be for everyone, so it takes some graceful navigating when explaining my lifestyle to others.  ("You don't eat bread?!? What do you eat then?" "I eat REAL FOOD, what do you eat?!?" ...not exactly helpful)

I recommend reading as much as you can (or can handle) about Paleo and going from there. It's easier to commit when you know a bit of the science behind it. Plus it helps to have something to say when people ask about it...because they will.

from The Clothes Make the Girl (source unknown)

Here are my favorite Paleo blogs:

For new cavepeople:
 Favorite recipe/paleo lifestyle blogs:
Each of those sites has links to other Paleo resources, so click around for a while and soak in all the information! Just remember that what works for some people might not work as well for others, so experimenting with Paleo is important; figure out what works for you. Whole30 is a good place to start--I recommend it.

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