Dancing Warriors

Encouraging words from a dear friend...

Sweet pea, through ups and downs, never forget that life is a learning experience. 
It is for the living - for those who explore and are open to whatever life and God brings them.
Naturally there will be pains, especially for one who feels as fully and deeply as you do.
Lean on God foremost, friends, family and the ways you connect body and soul.
You bring love, friendship, insight, support, and connection to this world and those around you. 
We see it, feel it, cherish it.
Don't resist the pain, but flow with it, adapt, learn, feel.
You should be so proud of how far you've come.

Free Bird by Heather Le Mert

Praying for you this day and this weekend. May we continue to trust God's will in our lives. May we trust His promise of daily bread and learn to take each day as it comes. May we focus on changing our perspective and not our circumstances.

Let's be dancing warriors.


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