Summer To-Do List

I don't know what it is about summer that's making me want to be more productive and creative, but I'm just going to go with it. This is my first whole summer in San Diego, and if I can't be in France, I'm going to make sure I do fun things anyway. I love routine (most of the time), but I'm getting bored with it lately, so here is my current list of things to do this summer. We all know I'll be adding things  down the road...so standby for updates. Any suggestions?

1. Be adventurous - vague, yes, but it leaves room for lots of possibilities

2. Do things outside - duh, it's San Diego.

Mumford + Sons in Chula Vista 6.3.13

Padres vs Dodgers at Petco Park 6.20.13

3. Go places (...outside Point Loma)

Northern California, here we come

Palm Desert

4. Find interesting museums (aka culture)

Okay, so this is the Pompidou in Paris, but still.

5. Reading list! I have one started, and it's growing every day. Now, I just have to actually start reading the books...

6. Open my Etsy Shop

7. Redecorate/rearrange my spaces, add color, lighten, and brighten

8. Clean out my closet

9. Write letters

10. Try new recipes

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  1. http://www.balboapark.org/in-the-park/museums (duh, it's San Diego!)

    paint outside with someone you're related to


    there are a couple more!