For the love of Ron Swanson.

I love Ron Swanson. (Buzzfeed)

And this definitive stance on vegetarianism.

And all of Parks and Rec. Everything. (Buzzfeed, again)

100 "Parks And Recreation" GIFs To Celebrate The Show's 100th Episode

Famous brands updated with honest taglines. I laughed out loud. (via Cupcakes & Cashmere)

Fall is the time of reading lists.  My book club is reading The Light Between Oceans this month. (Shauna Niequist)

Tips for saving time...aka plan ahead (via Smart Pretty and Awkward)

I made Em's sesame slaw last week, so yummy.  (Emily Greene Blue)

This post is amazing (Hannah Brencher) - such a good reminder that we shouldn't feel sorry for the space we take up or the emotions we feel or the choices we make. I want to start embracing the madness and sass and emotion that comes with life and appreciate it because it means I'm alive and I'm taking chances. Amen, woman. Amen. ("I feel like you're about to break into song." -Lorelai Gilmore)

I’m not gonna tell you you’re dainty, and fragile, and a flower in the field. I’m not gonna turn you into a delicate line of poetry when you were born with so much feist & zeal & madness inside of you. How dare the world not tell you, right from the start, that you are some kind of warrior. 

You Are Always Stronger Wall Decor

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